The one condition for progress is that we remain sincere and humble.

John Calvin

They have defined our history since day one.

Since 1936 Calvin・Farel have remained true to traditional values, with our namesake being a merging between the names of John Calvin and William Farel. Together they were known as two of the four so-called “fathers of the Reformation”. Although renowned for their work, it is with their ideas and monetary theology that our own work resonates.

Calvinism is still seen and felt today in Geneva. Declared “Calvin’s City” – Geneva was not the only region transformed by Calvin’s doctrine of wealth, as his teachings reached areas far beyond it – even arriving across the Atlantic, into the US.
This doctrine defined a new work ethic that is now credited with fuelling modern capitalism, and placing the city of Geneva on the path to prosperity. None of which would have been possible without his partnership with William Farel, who supported and encouraged Calvin’s return to Geneva following their joint expulsion in 1538.

Humility is the beginning of true intelligence.

John Calvin

Today Calvin・Farel specialises in consulting and investing in small and medium enterprises. We advise striving brands and businesses from their first fledgling ideas, all the way to an IPO.

With bases in both Zurich and forthcoming Geneva, Calvin・Farel stands by the side of SMEs as they transform, merge, acquire or undergo vertical integrations. We assist them in securing growth, investment and operational efficiencies, and support companies in their efforts to expand nationally and internationally.