Calvin•Farel Management Consulting
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Calvin•Farel management consulting secures growth, capital investment and operational efficiencies. Driven by our sector expertise, unique intellectual capital and a full, 360-viewpoint of our clients’ industries, we offer up the strategic solutions to our investee companies for them to navigate their most pressing commercial roadblocks.

We consult global and domestic SMEs across wide-ranging challenges and opportunities, spanning from exclusively strategic to purely operational. Our team’s capabilities propels their growth, assists them in realising new markets and supports their expansion – across their homeland and into other continents.

As a management consultant client, you gain access to our in-house analytics department, where state-of-the-art analytical, modelling and pattern recognition technology will finally leverage the vast swathes of data that will inform the decisions you make today, for growth tomorrow.

We transform IT and operational processes, deliver cost optimisation and support SMEs in harnessing analytics for gaining ground in their sector.

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