Investment manager selection
A wise decision made.

Your portfolio performance relies on the talent of your investment managers. They can be the difference between profit, and loss – between future long-term objectives met, and monies unwisely invested and consequently lost.
The Calvin・Farel investment manager selection service supports you through the selection process – right from the drawing up of a ‘long-list’, onwards to the ‘short-list’ and your ultimate selection. Our service includes explicit endorsements of the most promising candidate, alongside a detailed report as to their merits. We can also extend our investment manager selection service to include support for fund selection, when needed.

Investment manager review
Insight into your managers’ performance.

You need to understand your managers’ performance – with clear insight into their success, or otherwise, when placed next to their peers and their own benchmark.
The Calvin・Farel investment manager review provides an exhaustive analysis of your managers’ performance, processes, team and business model – arriving at solid recommendations and guidance for retaining your managers or replacing them.

Strategic support
Your approach to risk. Our guidance to meet your financial goals.

The Calvin・Farel strategic advisory service identifies, assesses and develops the most appropriate long-term asset allocation or benchmark for your growing investment portfolio.
We undertake deep analytics, involving your financial objectives and your attitude to risk – balancing the two to arrive at data-informed projections for investment returns. An essential element of this process is understanding potential market volatilities over the course of the coming five to ten years.
Critical to our ongoing success is arriving at the correct strategy.

A longstanding premier service.

Calvin・Farel consultancy is a heightened level of service – involving our attendance at all of your investment meetings, assessment of quality performance reviews and guaranteeing that our expertise is always available – day or night, any day of the week. This service includes an annual assessment as to the actions you should consider for profitable alterations to your strategic asset allocation and your selection of investment managers.

International investors
The Middle East Beckons.

The Middle East is a rapidly growing destination attracting international investment, yet this fertile ground, for many, represents an as yet unknown quantity. For international investors who are unexperienced with this jurisdiction Calvin•Farel provides the opportunity to participate via the pioneering Seed Coin cryptocurrency.

Seed-Coin is the very first regulated cryptocurrency vested solely in the start-up scene and SME sector in the Middle East. Accompanied by our teams and partners in Zürich, Malta and DIFC (Dubai Intenational Finacial Center) seed coin forms an integral part of our upcoming crowdfunding platform


Discover the Future of Crowdfunding

Bespoke investment consultancy
Long-term growth and goals, fulfilled

The Calvin・Farel team are on hand to discuss your needs.

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